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  1. Introduction: This chapter provides an overview of the documentation and its purpose. It introduces the SDK for extending the EULANDA merchandise management system and highlights its benefits for programmers, system houses, and customers who want to delve deeper into customizing their workflows.
  2. SQL API: This chapter focuses on the SQL API of the SDK. It covers the description of stored procedures used for creating orders and converting them into invoices. Various examples and use cases are provided to guide programmers in effectively utilizing the SQL API.
  3. iScript: The iScript chapter explores the scripting capabilities of the SDK. It explains how iScripts can be used to perform specific actions and handle events during report generation. Best practices and examples are provided to assist in the development of tailored solutions.
  4. Pascal Script: This chapter delves into Pascal Script, which is used in form design and allows for dynamic modifications of layouts. It covers how to suppress, move, or modify elements within expressions. Additionally, it explains the execution of SQL queries and the utilization of other language elements through VBScript calls.
  5. Programming Language Fundamentals: This chapter covers the essential foundations of programming languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, and PowerShell. An introduction to syntax, functions, and usage of these languages is provided, enabling programmers to leverage their power within the SDK.
  6. NopCommerce: This chapter provides an introduction to NopCommerce, an open-source eCommerce system. Although the chapter is currently not available in English, users can enable translation features in their browsers to access the content.
  7. Telnet Client API: The Telnet Client API chapter describes an object that simplifies the execution of Telnet commands. Specifically designed for managing routers supporting the Telnet protocol, this API streamlines the administration process and facilitates router maintenance tasks.
  8. Appendix: The appendix contains a compilation of diverse documents from all chapters. It serves as a comprehensive resource collection, encompassing various supplementary materials, including code snippets, detailed instructions, reference materials, templates, diagrams, illustrations, and more. Additionally, the appendix may include additional information, external resources, and materials related to the topics covered throughout the documentation.

Please note that the English translations for certain chapters, including NopCommerce, are not currently available. However, modern browsers equipped with translation features, such as Bing and Google, can assist in providing relatively accurate translations. Furthermore, the EulandaConnect documentation is available in English and provides a complete guide to the PowerShell module, offering extensive functionality within the EULANDA merchandise management system as well as in general.